Monte Nido Affiliates

Comprehensive Care Model


Relational Intentionality: What We Treat
Healing occurs within the power of relationships. Teaching clients to connect with others onsite through therapeutic alliance, high level of family engagement and development of Healthy Self.

Ongoing Assessment: When We Treat
Treatment plan development based on gold standard clinical assessments. Weekly collaborative treatment planning.

Systems of Care: Where We Treat
We provide a network of full continuum of care working collaboratively. Brand differentiators offer service level offerings so not one-size-fits-all.

Internally Directed: How We Treat
Self-pace programming based on individualized care with client-led interventions as highly monitored by multidisciplinary treatment teams.

Exposure & Skill Based: Why We Treat
Teaching skill development and behavioral interventions with practical focus on healing and harm reduction to focus on long term stabilization. Daily focus on exposures.

Sociocultural Informed: Who We Treat
Bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to ED development. Providing inclusive, trauma and gender-informed care through health at every size lens.