Monte Nido Affiliates

Diversity & Inclusion


Treatment for All

At Monte Nido & Affiliates, we believe that every person, regardless of gender, should have equal access to the care they need and deserve, as eating disorders do not discriminate based on gender. We are passionate about providing personalized treatment; therefore, our compassionate and affirming care team recognizes that no person’s eating disorder is the same, and their treatment experiences should reflect that.


  • We treat individuals of all genders, we provide gender-inclusive treatment environment and gender-inclusive care.
  • We don’t assume gender, always ask for preferred pronouns, and ensure privacy.
  • We’ve evaluated and re-done signage and paperwork around centers and in the admissions process
  • Provide furniture and accessibility for all body sizes including elevators and ramps at many programs
  • Bathrooms reflective of all genders changed from ladies and men’s room to “All gender restroom” or “All ability restrooms”.
  • Strive to provide a diverse workplace
  • Provide extensive training upon onboarding, and throughout employment, for staff




Monte Nido & Affiliates have chosen trainers due to their partnership with health systems and experience in what it meant to implement gender-informed care.  In addition, we have brought on a consultant to work with us on this.  Schuyler Bailar is the first transgender NCAA D1 Men’s athlete and Monte Nido & Affiliates Fellow. Schuyler has a shared history with our organization, having attended Oliver-Pyatt Centers where he was first able to discuss his gender identity aloud. Now an influential speaker and advocate, Mr. Bailar will work closely with the team at Monte Nido & Affiliates to continue teaching and guiding others on gender-inclusive care, particularly in the context of eating disorder treatment. Primary trainings we have provided to staff are largely psychoeducational with many including a person from an organization who was a member of the trans community. Training topics vary by actual training but the following topics have been presented:

  • Privilege
  • Transgender and socio-economic statistics
  • Health impacts
  • Gender competency/terminology (sex, gender identity, cis-gender, transgender, GNC, transsexual)
  • Gender expression
  • Sexuality (homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual/asexual/pansexual)
  • Gender dysphoria, body dysmorphic disorder in TGNC community
  • Transphobia
  • Gender awareness (coming out, LGB vs Trans)
  • Transitioning (social, medical)
  • Transgender non-conforming (TGNC)
  • transgender identity development
  • Coming out
  • Gender thoughtful and affirming language, problematic language, pitfalls of questions to ask about transitioning, respectful/inclusive questions,
  • Microaggressions
  • Intersectionality
  • Treatment risk factors
  • Pronouns


Our gender and HAES (Health at Every Size) -informed care reflects the following in our programs:

  • Recognition that healthy, recovered people come in all shapes and sizes
  • Behavior focused, rather than weight focused philosophies
  • Recognition that all bodies deserve to be nourished and experience satiety
  • Openness and accessibility of our kitchens and foods in a homelike setting
  • Ability to request and be provided more food for nourishment and/or satiety and provide culturally appropriate foods
  • Belief that weight loss attempts and focus are contraindicated for recovery from all eating disorder diagnoses


Walden Behavioral Care’s LGBTQ Health Care Equity Designation

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is the education arm of America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. Every year, the Human Rights Commission recognizes the healthcare facilities that participate in the Healthcare Equality Index for their dedication and commitment to LGBTQ inclusion. In August 2020, Monte Nido affiliate Walden Behavioral Care earned the “LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader” Designation in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2020 Healthcare Equality Index. Out of a record 765 healthcare facilities participating in the 2020 survey, Walden Behavioral Care is the only dedicated eating disorder treatment company nationwide to earn the designation.