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At a Monte Nido & Affiliates program, it is important to us that our clinical teams partner with you on all major decisions related to your clients’ care. Our expert staff is comprised of internal medicine specialists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, licensed practical and registered nurses, master’s- and doctoral-trained clinicians and registered dietitians. Close collaboration with you ensures the specific medical, psychiatric, emotional and nutritional needs of each client is addressed. We need your involvement during your client’s treatment at our program and have respect for your viewpoint and history with them.  

Upon admission, you will receive information on who each member of the treatment team is, how to contact them and frequency of contact will be established.  A comprehensive discharge plan will be created with you and post-discharge we will solicit your feedback as to how well we collaborated with you and cared for your client.   

Three steps to start the process for a referral:

  1. Verification of benefits (VOB):  Please ask the family to provide the information below and email After VOB completion, a financial counselor will contact your client (or guardian of client) to review their benefits and answer any questions related to their coverage. After this conversation, your client will be assigned an Admissions Specialist who will coordinate the intake/assessment process.
  2. Provide clinical impressions: Your impressions on the client will help us determine the appropriate level of care and obtain authorization from their insurance company; email to your Regional Outreach Manager, or to if you do not know who they are. Clinical Impressions Request Form
  3. Medical evaluation form: For the intake process, all inquiring clients must submit recent (within the last 14 days) medical information from their medical professional. This form can be faxed to 305-424-7448 (please specify recipient name) or email to
    1. For Residential referrals, this form needs to be filled out in its entirety by the client’s medical professional (this includes all labs listed and EKG)
    2. For Day treatment, we need height/weight/ orthostatic vitals, medications & allergies listed.

VOB Required Information: 

Potential Client:
Full Legal Name:
Preferred Name:
Date of Birth:
Phone Number (if 18+):
Email (if 18+):

Policy Holder:
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Relationship to Potential Client:
Contact Information (phone/email):
Name of Insurance:
Member ID #:
Group #:
Customer Service Phone Number (Back Of Card):
Provider Phone Number (If Provided, Back Of Card):

Note that medical information (labs) must be submitted within 14 days of when they were drawn. Wait times are approximate and are to be considered after an individual is cleared for the appropriate level of care. For further information or questions, please reach out to your Regional Outreach Manager or call our admissions line: 888-228-1253


Our commitment to you

To our outpatient partners:

If you find yourself on this page, you might also find yourself needing to refer your client to a residential or day treatment program to help them recovery from their eating disorder. Our team of professional outreach managers are your partners in that process. We will ensure the coordination of communication between you and our internal admissions and treatment teams.

The sincere care we have for our clients and our anticipatory approach when helping people find the most effective program allows you to feel confident you are referring a family to a place that recognizes the challenges that accompany an eating disorder along with the expertise and compassion to help them. Our decades of collective experience in professional relations underscores our sincere commitment to ensuring your – and your clients – needs are met.  Please feel free to email us at


The Monte Nido & Affiliates Outreach team 



We have been evaluating the short- and long-term benefits of our services for some years now and have published the only peer-reviewed decade-long post-graduate outcome study on residential eating disorder clients.


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