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Client Safety During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

At Monte Nido & Affiliates, we understand the concern surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Know that we consider the safety and security of your loved one or client to be our highest priority. We understand how challenging it is to entrust the welfare of them to others at a time like this.

Contagious illness is something we have managed in the past as a healthcare organization, as we have worked hard to decrease the impact of infections or viruses on our clients. Given the importance of every step of our treatment process, we will continue to provide the excellent care we are known for, while following CDC and state guidelines to assure safety. We have a number of protocols in place to safeguard our clients and staff, including:

  • Screening all admissions for recent travel, exposure or symptoms including fever and upper respiratory symptoms
  •  Providing daily evaluations for all clients in our programs for fever and evolving upper respiratory symptoms
  • Appropriate use of masks and social distancing, in accordance or exceeding state and/or local guidelines
  • Nurse Managers are holding reminder trainings for staff and clients on preventive actions to minimize the spread of any type of infection. This includes hygiene measures that we have always used, but that are now more important than ever, including frequent hand washing for all, liberal use of hand sanitizers and avoidance of physical contact between clients and staff whenever possible
  • Increased communication to families in regards to steps we are taking to safeguard their loved ones
  • Posting signage in our programs as notice to visitors and clients, outlining precautionary steps we are taking to safeguard clients while in treatment
  • Monitoring visits to our programs, including suspending larger groups of visitors
  • Virtual programming at our day treatment programs across the country

Our Leadership reviews the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updates and discuss them on an ongoing basis, and we will be adapting and modifying our protocols as needed. In the meantime, we hope this provides reassurance to you that we are taking appropriate steps to ensure the safety of your loved one or client.  As well, our Admissions department can speak to any specific questions you may have.  The National Eating Disorders Association has also put together a page of resources that will also be helpful during this difficult time.

Be safe,

Monte Nido & Affiliates Team