First National Awareness Campaign from Monte Nido to Shine a Light on “Hidden” Eating Disorders

MIAMI (June 20, 2024) – A person hiding takeout food containers in their car, a teenager doing sit ups next to their bed and another one wiping tears away in front of the bathroom mirror. For many living with an eating disorder, hiding who they are and how they eat is part of their day-to-day living. This is captured in the first national branded awareness campaign from leading eating disorder treatment provider Monte Nido in partnership with Arnold Worldwide.

Despite the common narrative, eating disorders can happen to anyone of any gender, race or ethnicity, sexuality, size, weight or age. In fact, nearly 29 million Americans will experience an eating disorder in their lifetime, however only one-third will ever receive treatment.

“Eating disorders have an immense and profound impact on our culture, regardless of whether we see the suffering we know so many Americans experience,” said Cassie McLean, Chief Executive Officer of Monte Nido. “At Monte Nido, we are committed to changing the dialogue for those living with or at risk of an eating disorder, because no one should have to fight this alone.”

The video spot features the voiceover of a young girl, seemingly counting for a game of hide and seek, frame-by-frame unveiling the hidden anxieties, behaviors and perspectives of those living with an eating disorder. In addition to underscoring the sense of isolation that often occurs across the spectrum of eating disorders, the spot includes people of varying genders, ages, races, ethnicities and sizes to reinforce the fact that eating disorders can happen to anyone.

“We live in an environment that is constantly talking about body image and weight loss medications, often without regard for the irreparable damage this language can cause,” said Melissa Spann, PhD, MBA, CEDS-C, Chief Clinical Officer at Monte Nido. We hope this campaign will spark conversations and empower those who are living with an eating disorder to ask for the help they need and deserve. Recovery is possible at any age with the right treatment and support.”

To learn more about the “Hidden” campaign, visit: For more information or to inquire about treatment at one of the Monte Nido programs, please visit

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