Clementine Palmetto Bay Now Open to Treat Adolescent Girls with Eating Disorders

Location represents Monte Nido & Affiliates' second Clementine program in the state of Florida

MIAMIJan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Monte Nido & Affiliates, one of the largest and leading eating disorder platforms in the country, today announces the opening of Clementine Palmetto Bay located in Palmetto Bay, Fla. This residential eating disorder center will provide care for adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and/or exercise addiction. Clementine Palmetto Bay is Monte Nido & Affiliates' second Clementine program in the state of Florida.

Clementine Palmetto Bay in Miami, Florida"With eating disorders on the rise among adolescents, our goal is to help make treatment accessible. Our new Palmetto Bay facility will allow more teens in Florida to get the help they need, keeping them closer to home and their families," said Cassie McLean, Chief Executive Officer of Monte Nido & Affiliates. "At Clementine, we specialize in delivering evidence-based treatment backed by decades of healing and recovery for our clients nationwide."

Clementine Palmetto Bay offers a model of care that reflects culturally-sensitive, personalized treatment aimed at restoring nutritional and physiological balance in a residential setting. Additionally, the programming implements mindful eating, 24-hour nursing, and comprehensive academic and family support.

"Clementine's treatment program reflects highly specialized clinical, medical, psychiatric and nutritional approaches, designed to be sensitive to the developmental needs of this younger population," said Melissa Spann, PhD, LMHC, CEDS-S, Chief Clinical Officer of Monte Nido & Affiliates. "Adolescents are particularly susceptible to eating disorders due to the developmental stages they are at in their lives; therefore, early intervention can be a key factor in recovery."

Eating disorders are common in teens and have the second highest mortality rate of any mental health illness. However, with the right tools, skills and support, recovery is possible regardless of how severe a person's eating disorder is.

"It is estimated that approximately 28 million Americans will experience an eating disorder at some point in their lives, and we believe that everyone in need of treatment deserves access to quality care," said McLean. "Clementine offers unique treatment plans that provide each individual with holistic, person-centric care."

Clementine Palmetto Bay will be the fourth Monte Nido & Affiliates program in Florida and will complement its nearby program Clementine Pinecrest for adolescent females in Miami. Upon opening, Clementine Palmetto Bay is planned to be Monte Nido & Affiliates' 50th program throughout 15 states.

For more information, or to inquire about treatment at Clementine Palmetto Bay, please visit or call 855-900-2221.

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