OUR mission

We save lives while providing the opportunity for people to realize their healthy selves.


OUR core values

We provide the best possible care to our clients.

We practice compassion and collaboration and achieve breakthrough results.

We evolve to the future while celebrating our history and culture.

We work together as a team, give benefit of the doubt, push for excellence, and mentor junior members of the team.

It is both a privilege and an honor to support people in their most vulnerable states. When I was first introduced to psychiatry in medical school, I was struck by the depth of connection. I am still inspired by that. I work for Monte Nido & Affiliates because I truly believe we offer exceptional care. I am proud to be associated with a program that is both medically sophisticated yet administered with kindness.”

– Psychiatrist

OUR partnership story

Monte Nido & Affiliates includes three distinct eating disorder treatment programs: Monte Nido, Oliver-Pyatt Centers and Clementine. What binds Monte Nido & Affiliates together is our shared histories, vast overlap in mission, language, models and approaches, treating those who present with eating disorders as people first, patients/clients second, dedication to best-in-class eating disorder treatment, commitment to being industry leaders and a belief in being fully recovered. Our collective mission is to save lives while providing opportunity for people to realize their healthy selves.

Monte Nido & Affiliates now operates programs across the country. Monte Nido and Oliver-Pyatt Centers provide residential treatment for women, with Monte Nido providing day treatment programs for women and men. Clementine provides residential treatment for girls aged 13 – 18 (and 17 in some states). Monte Nido’s residential locations are located in California, Oregon, New York and Massachusetts. Monte Nido’s day treatment locations are located in California, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Oliver-Pyatt Centers residential programs are located in Florida. Clementine’s residential programs are located in Florida, Oregon, California, New York and Virginia.

Carolyn, Wendy and Vicki Kroviak founded these treatment programs before departing in 2016, and continue on their mission of helping people with eating disorders recognize their healthy selves.